Monday, August 19, 2013


1. Are there any factors that you think are going to affect your participation or experience in this class? Access to a computer?  Mobile/smart phone?  Transportation?  Friends/family? Schedule?

No I don't think there are any factor that are going to affect my participation in the class. the only thing I can think of is if my computer network isn't working or if I used up all my Internet data on my cell phone.

2. Think of an awesome best ever learning experience that changed you. What did you learn? Where were you? What happened? Who else was there? Did it teach you anything about how you learn (or pay attention... or remember, or think?) How did you know what was happening?

In 8th grade I tried out for the cheer team. I practiced and practiced and worked so hard and I was sure I was going to make the team because of how hard I worked and how I was starting to come together. and then I was devastated that when the paper with the list of everyone who made it came out I wasn't on there and ALL of my friends were. I thought my life was over and I was so upset but then my mom just kept telling me to keep my head up and everything will workout fine in the end. at the time I didn't listen but then a week later I got a call from the Cheer coach saying that I was on the team because someone had dropped out. so then I realized that hard work pays off most of the time but with it doesn't you cant beat yourself up about it because everything will work out in the end. and to just believe in yourself an keep your head up.

3.What are you most [excited/concerned] about in this class? What do you look forward to in learning?  How do you think it can/will make a practical difference in your life?

My most concern is being on time and essays. For the past 2 years I have always been late to school everyday to my first period and this year I'm trying so hard to get to school on time so I'm just afraid to get in trouble about being late. I'm doing pretty well so far about being on time so far though:) and essays because I'm not the best writer. I look forward to sharing thoughts and just to see how other people process things in their heads differently than me and to hear all their thoughts. I think it will give me a better understanding on how everyone's different and how you can agree to disagree but still understand someone else's point of view.

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