Sunday, September 15, 2013

Literature Analysis 1

Sorry this is late I thought we had to write it on paper.

TOPIC(S) and/or EVENT(S)

1. As we have discussed in class, a book is said to be nonfiction if its content is based on facts or events.  What is your book about?  [a]. Try writing a paragraph first to capture your thoughts.  [b]. Then see if you can boil it down to one clear statement.  (Even if you feel like you can just skip to [b], please do both; remember that your reader doesn’t know what you know.

- the book 29 gifts " how a month of giving can change your life" is about a woman named Cami Walker who develops muscular sclerosis a month after her wedding. She decides to not focus on the on her own pain but to focus on helping others. She helps different people each day for 29 days and gives them meaningful gifts. The gifts can be anything from a smile to cup coffee but something that is meaningful or thoughtful. She got the idea from an African medicine lady named Mbali Creazz. I think that this is very touching that she's deciding to not focus on her own suffering and give gifts to strangers that are meaningful.

2.  Why did your author choose to write about this topic, person or event?

- The author chose to write about this story because its a true story. This happened in Cami Walker's life and she felt that other people might do the same thing she did to not worry about being sorry for herself and share the good with other people.

3. Why did you choose this book?  What about the book appealed to you the first time it came to your attention (and how did it come to your attention)?  What about the book made you want to keep reading once you began?

- I chose this book for no particular reason. it didn't appeal to me I simply asked my mom if she had a non fiction book and she gave me this one. she said it was good and to read it. I kept reading because I needed to use it for my literature analysis but also it was very touching.

4. Did you find the book realistic?  Did you make any connections between people/events you read about and people/events in your own life?  Why or (if you didn’t) why not?

- yes, I found the book realistic because it really was a true story. I am de a connection with the authors friend Lori because she used to be a dancer and now also developed muscular sclerosis and is in a wheel chair now. One day Cami went to visit Lori and she was feeling down and she kept talking about how she missed dancing and how she is now in a wheel chair and cant dance anymore. Cami's gift to her was telling her that she can still dance but just in a different way. she told her about a group of people that are disabled and dance with their arms in their chairs and maybe she could choreograph them. I related to this because I tend to focus on the negative a lot and it really made me think.


1   1. Since this book is nonfiction, the theory goes that the author didn’t create characters.  But that’s not entirely true, is it?  Doesn’t the author report his/her own interpretations based on personal observations?  If we met his/her subjects for ourselves we might see them completely differently.   What do the author’s choices say to you?  Why did s/he choose to write about this book?  What is the author’s tone, and what (if anything) does it say about the author and his/her subjects?
       - the author did not create characters because

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