Monday, September 16, 2013

Vocabulary List fall #5

Adroit: expert or noble in use of hands or body

Amicable: characterized by goodwill.

Averse: strong feeling of opposition.

Belligerent: warlike.

Benevolent: kindly feelings

Cursory: rapidly over something

Duplicity: deceitfulness in speech or conduct

Extol: to praise highly

Feasible: capable of being done

Grimace: facial expressions

Holocaust: complete devastation or destruction

Impervious: not permitting penetration

Impetus: a moving force

Jeopardy: hazard or risk to exposure to loss

Meticulous: showing extreme care about minute details

Nostalgia: wistful desire to return in thought

Quintessence: pure concentrated essence

Retrogress: go backward to earlier/worse conditions

Scrutinize: examine in detail

Tepid: moderately warm

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