Friday, April 11, 2014

literature analysis

Hunger Games

exposition: In the future the district panem is divided into 12 separate districts and the capitol. each year two young people (one boy and one girl ) are chosen from each district to represent their districts and participate In the hunger games where they fight to the death and the last one to survive is announced the hunger games new winner. the games are televised and watched by all of panem.

rising action: katnis the main character is chosen to be in the next hunger games. she sacrifices herself for her younger sister prim but she is also thrown inn with a friend she has names peetta. it later revieled that peetta has a crush on katnis.

climax: the climax is when Katnis befriends a young girl names Rue and Rue is killed. when she is killed Katis turns to the cameras that are broadcasting the brutal death live and shows her district respect. from that moment on Katnis was determined to win.

falling action: the falling action is when Katis and Peeta kill fin and almost eat the piousness berries to sacrifice themselves.

resolution: the resolution is when Katnis and Peeta are both saved and they both are pronounced winners and survive the hunger games. for the first time there are 2 winners.

theme: the inequality between rich and poor

authors tone: sad, dark, erie, dangerous...ect

direct Characterization:
Katnis everdeen: good with a bow and arrow, beautiful, kind, caring
Gale: handsome, high strung, loving

indirect characterization:
Katnis everdean: hardheaded, smart, stubborn
Peeta Milark: smart, kind, inexperienced, weak

protagonist is Katnis everdean and she is round and dynamic because she changes her character. at first she was timid and cold and by the end she was vicious and killing people and she found a new love interest

after reading this book I felt like I met a person because she had so much emotion and the way Katnis reacted or handled a lot of things reminded me of myself. it was very realistic and it made me feel like I was in the book.

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