Monday, January 27, 2014


In my oppinion life during high school  will be way easier than life after high school. After high school you become your own in dependent person and you have more responsibilities. You don't have anyone to tell you whether you need to go to class or not no one  to tell you what to do and everything is basically up to yourself. No one is going to magically transformed the day after high school it's going to take time and experience and mistakes to get to the place you need to be. To get to the independency need to survive look life after high school you going to need to make mistakes you're going to need  to push yourself and get through the hard times in order to make sure you're responsible enough to live life as a mature adult after high school and in college.  To balance the things you need to do versus the things you want to do is going to take consideration asked knowing what needs to be done so choices like hanging out with your friends are going to ibig party over studying or going to class. Your expectations will change for yourself because you will expect more from yourself and you'll expect more from the world. And high school we don't expect that much because we don't really need that much but when you get to college you need to have a job you need to pay for housing you need to pass your classes. I'm not there yet but I know there's more to college then what people make it seem like and no it's more responsibility then high school

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